Providence - A Gated Golf Community

The Brand New Providence Wellness Center Is Now Open for Residents

Health and wellness are a priority for many of us these days. Thankfully, the new Providence Wellness Center has opened to accommodate the needs of Providence residents who seek to meet their fitness goals without paying extra for a gym membership. 

The Wellness Center is an amenity included in the very low monthly HOA fees for owners at Providence.  Whether you want to build Herculean strength or get a good heart-racing cardio session to enhance your endurance, the Wellness Center provides state-of-the-art equipment that will assist you with your goals.

In a brand new building, the Wellness Center is separate from the Residents Clubhouse. Along the walls are massive televisions screens, but there are smaller screens on all cardio machines. There are also large mirrors along the left side of the building so that you can make sure that your form is perfect during your workout.

 The Providence Golf Club Community’s newly constructed Wellness Center opened earlier this year with state-of-the-art cardio and weight machines. 

The cardio machines that are available are treadmills, ellipticals, a spinning bike, and a rowing machine.  For weight training, there are two Smith machines, a large number of free weights, benches, a chest press machine, a cable machine, and a leg curl machine.

There is also a new security system where each resident will bring a key fob, given by the HOA manager Stephen Lim, to scan at the gym entrance and then enjoy their workout.  The HOA office is now located within the Providence Residents Clubhouse adjacent to the Wellness Center.

Residents that have previously trained in the old gym will be delighted to see the new variety of fitness equipment all while being in a more spacious area. The building is significantly larger than the old gym and retains a luxurious view of the sparkling resort-style pool. 

Amenities like these, for low HOA and no CDD fees, are what set Providence apart from other communities in the region.  

There are brand new water fountains with bottle filling stations, as well as bathrooms with showers to freshen up after a workout.  Open from 4 AM until midnight each day, the Wellness Center is perfectly convenient for any resident when planning ahead.  

“The gym is absolutely stunning and definitely a lot more roomy than the old one. They’ve got the perfect equipment for everything,” said Andrea Harrelson, a resident of Providence.  “It’s perfect for if I can fit in a workout in the morning or I can go right after I come home from work.”

The former gym space in the Residents Clubhouse will now be available as rented space used for events, parties, classes, etc. 

For more questions, please contact the Residents Clubhouse at: 863-420-9100